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What's New?

3/23/2010: Updated the contact email.


1/17/2007: Out of the blue Jennifer Anderson drops a piece of fan art in my inbox. Sweet. Good to see you're doing well.

Also, a bit of tidying up in the site. Forum long dead.


2/28/2005: News from the land of intersting. I'm not sure what size has to do with it but on this particular thread our team scored #8. ~AK

10/18/2003: Palm format of The Raven's Shadow posted. Sorry about that folks, I completely forgot. o.o; ~AK

9/11/2003: Chapter Fourteen & Fifteen. That's all for that folks! Palm format of Darkness Beneath posted. ~AK

9/5/2003: Chapter Thirteen. As Bill Cosby put it. "HA HA HA HA HA" No update last week, I was too busy walking around stunned at Dragon*Con. That was the best four day festival of geekdom I have ever seen. And this wasn't no kiddie's party, this was a no holds barred grown ups party 24/7. I'm going again next year. It was that good. I'm not kidding. Go. You'll thank yourselves for it. ~AK

8/22/2003: Chapter Twelve. Well, got my stuff together, next stop Atlanta. I hope to have the update up early next week. ~AK

8/15/2003: Chapter Eleven. Loss for words. ~AK

8/8/2003: Chapter Ten. Well, chugging away on the home stretch here, hope y'all have been enjoying the ride. :) ~AK

8/1/2003: Chapter Nine. Asthma... ~AK

7/25/2003: Chapter Eight. Palm format of Chosen Few posted. ~AK

7/18/2003: Chapter Seven. And I'm going to Dragon Con. :) ~AK

7/11/2003: Chapter Six. A gentleman displaying the ultimate in cool has converted Land's End and two other novels in their entirety into a Palm Reader format. Download Land's End here. The others to be posted at a later date. :) ~AK

7/4/2003: Chapter Five. And I'm so bloated from pizza I forgot the Palm goodies. Must. Remember. ~AK

6/27/2003: Chapter Four. For all you Palm Pilot warriors out there something special is coming up, a reader has graciously converted the other three novels into Palm format. Details to follow. ~AK

6/20/2003: Chapter Three. Hey, I remembered! ~AK

6/13/2003: Chapter Two. Friday the thirteenth today and a full moon tomorrow. :) ~AK

6/5/2003: Raven's Shadow Chapter One. I have a dentist's appointment tomorrow and so I'll put this up today. While this novel wasn't my favorite I believe this one survived and improved in the revision process much better than the other two. Enjoy! :) ~AK

5/31/2003: Chapter Sixteen & Epilogue. So there I was talking on the phone with Paul's mom about "As Seen On TV" stores and I remember I forgot to update the site, so here it is, the last chapter and the epilogue to The Darkness Beneath. I hope y'all enjoyed it, The Raven's Shadow up next. :) ~AK

5/23/2003: Chapter Fifteen. ~AK

5/17/2003: Chapter Fourteen. Oops. ~AK

5/9/2003: Chapter Thirteen. Still a medicated zombie. I wanna move to Antarctica. ~AK

5/1/2003: Chapter Twelve. A little early this time, allergy season isn't being kind and so I'd rather stay home and be a medicated zombie than go to work and be a medicated zombie. ~AK

4/27/2003: Chapter Eleven. Yes, I'm late, but would you miss the chance to meet the representative of the Queen of England? ~AK

4/18/2003: Chapter Ten. This chapter gave me nightmares. ~AK

4/11/2003: Chapter Nine online. ~AK

4/5/2003: Chapter Eight. I was tired! Honest! ~AK

3/28/2003: Chapter Seven. Wow. Three in a row on time. Must be good coffee. ~AK

3/21/2003: Chapter Six. What witty banter? ~AK

3/14/2003: Chapter Five. On time for once. In my time zone. Sort of. ~AK

3/8/2003: Chapter Four. Who wants more?

I know, I should be shot for that one. ~.~ ~AK

3/2/2003: Stupidity stikes again. I need a dayminder or something. Chapter Three. ~AK

2/22/2003: Augh! Asleep at the switch, but the sushi was nice last night. Chapter Two.

A side note, Here is a link to the old, and still alive forum. ~AK

2/14/2003: Behold! Chapter One of The Darkness Beneath! ~AK

2/7/2003: This next bit is the prologue from the novel that really hooked me to Paul's work. I first read it in it's original incarnation and it gave me the creeps. I'm not sure it survived the adaptation as well as it could, but I still like it and hope you will too. ~AK

1/31/2003: It's with sadness that I'm the one performing this and future updates. Paul and I became friends quickly in and around 1999 and we began a fruitful relationship exchanging ideas and proofreading duties. We also argued over anything and everything political, social or hysterical. I'll miss you Paul. ~AK

A statement from the family:

Thanks to everyone for your e-mails, letters, and phone calls over the last year. They were much appreciated. Even though he never met his Internet friends and colleagues in person, he deeply cherished those relationships. Paul was a talented writer and avid photographer. His love of the ocean is recorded in his many photographs. He was a faithful member of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. At home, he was the resident expert on all things electronic and photographic, and he loved building his own personal computers.

Remembrances in Paul's honor may be sent to:

Monterey Bay Aquarium
886 Cannery Row
Monterey, CA 93940-1095

All the characters in the novels and short stories, as well as the descriptions and accounts of the planet Sah'aar are copyright 2001 Paul S. Gibbs, and their use is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of his estate. We can be reached at

So let's get down to business. :)

First up, K'Arthur of Robin's NIMH fanfiction archive graciously offered a new forum. Among the advangages of this forum is an utter lack of popups and a surrounding community of reasonably good amateur writers. If you like Paul's work, I'm certain someone in that forum can direct you to comparable material. If you're a writer, stick around, some people have found regular proofreaders there, and so might you. :) The two downsides aren't terrible at all. One, you have to sign up to post. Two, I personally hate the colour scheme. (Sorry Kriz!) So drop on by and tag a note. :)

Fanart! Yes, there is new fanart! The descriptions are exactly as Paul left them but with the new material I've asked the artists to submit their own comment with all new images. There are a few descriptions missing at the moment.

And the main event... The chapters thirteen through twenty of Lands End join the other twelve. Enjoy. :)

Follow the link below for the updates page as Paul left it.

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