The HoloMaster 3000
By Centaurus Digital
A Serious Tool for Serious Holography

The HoloMaster 3000

Check out these Features:

--Power zoom from 7mm to 1500mm
--Image Stabilizing--hand-hold to 1500mm and a 30-second exposure
--Focus from 1mm to infinity, built-in macro to 3:1 with no attachments
--Eye-following autofocus on any point in the viewfinder
--Self-levelling feature keeps your horizons horizontal
--Total in-camera contrast control
--Exclusive "Haze Cutter" enhances image sharpness and color in extreme
telephoto shots
--Infinite depth of field adjustment at any focal length and in any light
--Real-time image-editing software allows in-camera removal or repositioning
of picture elements
--Built in intervalometer for time-lapse sequences
--In-camera special effects including:
    Fish-eye distortion at any focal length
    Color correction, enhancement and replacement
    Geometric correction at any focal length; no more convergence
    Black and White Mode
    Soft Focus Mode
    2D Mode
--Multi-Spectrum color-correcting flash with infrared "Stealth" mode: shoot
in total darkness without visible flash, then correct in-camera for a real-color
--Extended spectrum from infrared to ultraviolet; user-selectable
--Store up to 600 full-resolution (500,000 DPmm) images on one memory

Included Accessories:
--Carrying case
--Lifetime Power Cell
--One Memory Card
--All software and hardware needed to transfer images to any
Centaurus-compatible computer

Optional Accessories:
Individually-molded grip: customize your Holocam to fit your hand or other manipulatory extremity! (Especially recommended for non-Terran users.) See your dealer for ordering instructions.
Alternate Spectrum viewfinders for species with non-human visual response.

All for only Cr. 450.00!
Available at fine imaging/electronics stores near you!

Background Photo "Seagrass, Sonoma County California, 1998" Copyright (c) by Paul S. Gibbs. All Rights Reserved. Digitally tweaked by Bill Redfern.Text copyright (c) Paul S. Gibbs. All Rights Reserved.