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The Blackfur Chronicles the private diary of Ehm'tassaa--ambassador's daughter, blackfur and bond-mate to Tom Abrams--as she journeys home to Sah'aar to attend Sah'salaan University. Being on her own for the first time in her life is bad enough--but putting several dozen light-years between her and her bond-mate...that really hurts.

This will be a continuing series, with new installments posted on or about the first of every month. Enjoy--and as always, please let me know what you think.

Chronicle #1 (Posted 8/21/2000) Chronicle #13 (Posted 7/28/2001)
Chronicle #2 (Posted 9/1/2000) Chronicle #14 (Posted 8/29/2001)
Chronicle #3 (Posted 9/28/2000) Chronicle #15 (Posted 9/27/2001)
Chronicle #4 (Posted 10/28/2000) Chronicle #16 (Posted 12/23/2001)
Chronicle #5 (Posted 11/26/2000) Chronicle #17 (Posted 1/27/2002)
Chronicle #6 (Posted 12/28/2000)  
Chronicle #7 (Posted 1/27/2001)  
Chronicle #8 (Posted 2/26/2001)  
Chronicle #9 (Posted 3/29/2001)  
Chronicle #10 (Posted 4/29/2001)  
Chronicle #11 (Posted 5/28/2001)  
Chronicle #12 (Posted 6/30/2001)  

Ehm'tassaa and Ehm'murra by Saia Kferr--click for larger view
Image copyright (c) by Saia Kferr


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