Sah'surraa Publishing Inc.

"Dreaming Into Darkness"
The True History of the Undercity
By Dr. Sah'larrah, Dr. Ehm'teel and Dr. Sah'raada

The gripping account of Sah'aar's single largest and most expensive engineering project, a Utopian scheme that bankrupted a government, nearly touched off a revolution--and paved the way for Sah'aar's entry into the Terran/Centaurii Alliance. Learn too how, more than a century later, a pair of troubled malcontents, on the run from the real world, almost brought a small group of idealists to destruction deep within the ruins of that vast crumbling structure. With an Introduction by Commodore Ehm'ayla, the Combined Forces Survey's leading archaeologist.

1,115 pages of text
312 illustrations
27 video and audio clips
A fully-navigable virtual map of each level of the Undercity, then and now

Cr. 24.95, at fine booksellers throughout the Alliance

"A true page-clicker; it will have your tail-feathers standing on end from start to finish"--Centaurus Today

"A must-read for any serious student of Sah'aaran history"--The Sah'salaan Daily Times/Carnivore